From creativity to crackin' eggs. New web presence for North America's premium agro ad agency.

Timeline4 Months
FormArt Direction Creative Direction Motion Design Web & App Design Iconography & Illustration Digital Guidelines
FunctionUX Design Prototyping Research & Brand Planning Platform Strategy Deployment Architecture Web Development Headless CMS
FlowContent Planning
PartnersField Creative

Through our unique Brand Session, we uncovered the truths about the AdFarm brand and their customers.

Customer Identity / Brand Purpose

By working with traditional, yet innovative, agriculture providers, AdFarm is changing the face of agriculture and strives to leave the industry in a better place than they found it.

Customer Aims / Brand Onlyness

AdFarm's clients are looking to make an impact and greater community connections. AdFarm goes above and beyond for these clients as the only ad agency that truly understands agriculture from the inside. They are the perfect mix of ag and ad. 

Customer Mores / Brand Values

AdFarm's clients are a crucial part of the economy and are driven to be forward-thinking thought-leaders. AdFarm is fresh, thought-provoking, and always there to help the rural community.  

Ag Is Everything

We wanted to create a homepage that conveyed the notion that “Ag is Everything”. From beer, to clothing, to technology, to groceries. We developed a fun, intuitive and interactive headline that filtered case studies based on keywords. Each keyword mapped back to filterable industry verticals within the work categories.

Showcasing The Brand

AdFarm wanted to use their website to launch their new brand identity. With this in mind, we designed each page to embrace their bold new typeface, graphic styles, and most of all, the great work they do.

The Full Family Tree

AdFarm has a long and interesting history in the ad business. We wanted to ensure this was captured through a quick-to-read timeline that mixed their history with their quirky and fun personality.

Keys To The Ranch

Built on a robust headless CMS system, AdFarm has the power to update content, change categories, and create modular case studies that can range from a couple images, to full-fledged deep dives with parallax motion, video, and much more.

See For Yourself

Hop into your F150 or John Deere riding mower and head on over to see the perfect mix of Ag & Ad.

AdFarm Website
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