RE/MAX Hustle

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Putting the power of professional video creation in the hands of Realtors.

Timeline3 months
FormCreative Direction Motion Design 3D Design & Modelling
FunctionUX Design Prototyping Platform Strategy
FlowPlanning Content Design

RE/MAX wanted to put the power of video editing into the hands of their agents, allowing them to easily create custom videos that span a bredth of use cases.

Make It Simple
A simple, intuitive interface that anyone, regardless of experience could use was the basis that everything else was built upon.
User Experience

Crafting the best possible user experience for both desktop and mobile was the core measure of success for this project.

In-Depth User Flows

Mapping out the various use cases and possible entry and exit paths for the average and advanced user was imperitive to understanding how the agents will be using the tool.

We mapped out several scenerios which we used as the jumping off point to start creating our prototype.

Interactive Prototype

Using Figma, we created a verbose and functional prototype that helped the client see the breadth of interactions, animations, and functionality that went into the tool.

Mobile First
Making the experience not only work on mobile, but be designed specifically for mobile web was the largest challenge. Through in-depth collaboration with our partners Imposium, we worked feature by feature to ensure that everything was a smooth and intuitive interaction.
Branded Individuality
We wanted to ensure that agents could create a flexible and customized video that suited their personality and the purpose of the video. We created an adaptable set of design guidelines that allowed for wow factors, stickers, and photography that still fell within the professional, clean brand guidelines of RE/MAX.
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